Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Where did three months go?

I cant believe its been three months since my last post..... well actually I can as I completely forgot about this and then forgot my name on here and allsorts of things (those of you who know me will understand!). Anyway since June we have been to Disneyland Paris and had a fab time, survived the six weeks school holidays and are now just getting back into our routine. This means I am still not doing any housework or scrapping but hey I am getting there. I am actually typing this whilst downstairs I have had two parcels delivered full of scrapping goodies - am off now to open them and hopefully be inspired!

Thursday, 1 June 2006

Wet Thursday

Hmm more ponderings this morning whilst I have some spare time. Its not even 9am yet and I have managed to do a double cj layout, watch a Thomas the Tank Engine video and a Bob the Builder video and read through a new cj I have all because my OH had to go into work early! honestly some people are so inconsiderate arent they! Anyway today is a free day, my eldest child is at his grandparents until tomorrow afternoon and my smallest is in his cot although I can hear him talking to himself so he might not have his morning nap just yet - despite the fact that he has been up since 5am!!

So what shall I do I wonder? obviously there is all the housework that I can get on with but who wants to do that? Think I will start my next cj - its all about the Discworld and is already fabulous despite it only being on its third pass - all very exciting. Ooh must have some breakfast too - will go and do that now. Honest.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Hello from me!

Have decided to join the blog gang - have no idea why as I dont have time to tie up my shoelaces properly some days but hey ho it will probably keep me amused for a while!!

Off to organise my life and ponder what to type - will post back soon!