Friday, 4 February 2011

Look what I have been up to!

Finally got around to making my Amy Butler bag - took me all of Tuesday (it took me 3 hours just to cut out all the fabric!) and then a little bit of Thursday evening to make it - it has that many pockets and little nooks hidden away in it that these photos dont really do it justice:

This is the whole of the bag - strap is long enough to go over my shoulder and bag is big enough to hold a plastic paper box - this bag has been made solely for my trips to Hobbycrafts in March and November cause I am just that kind of girl and need to have a  bag for everything!

Front of bag with top flap open

This is the inside of the bag - I have pulled the front pocket out so that you can see the zipped section and other pockets - there is room for my mobile phone and a pen and notepad on the lower pocket - the zip at the back is on the flap of the bag.  There is that much material on here that it already weighs a lot before I even get my shopping goodies in it!  It also cost a fortune and I have realised that it clashes with every single coat I own - best to move on quickly I think.......

Anyways it is now only 21 days until the fab ArtsyCrafts event in Newport Pagnell so, starting on Sunday, I am going to make a tag a day for 12 days to, you know, get me geared up for the event (like I am not sooooooooooo excited already!).  So for anyone that wants to join me I will start on Sunday 6th February and finish on Thursday 17th February - want to make them all before the half term begins as I am not sure how much time I will have to make stuff when the children are at home - plus my crop is on the 20th Feb and I will be going to the Stitches Trade Fair on Monday 21st too.  If you would like to join me I will put a mister linky at the bottom of each post.  No prizes as this is just for fun and even if you arent going to the Artsy Crafts event if you would like to make a few tags and share them with me please feel free to join in too.

Thanks for looking :)

This linky is just a test...

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Kirsten Alicia said...

The tag is fab & I love the cards etc - you have those Lavinia stamps I've been drooling over in the latest CS mag, I'm so jealous!! :)