Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A venetian scene

Here is the latest acrylic picture I have painted:

am really quite pleased with it.  It's all done using only red, yellow, blue, white and black paints with pieces of cardboard and hardboard, apart from the plant pot where we used a paintbrush!

Now need yet another frame and am rapidly running out of wall space now!

I decided awhile ago that I spend far too much time messing around on my pc so I am trying to get into the habit of only turning on the pc first thing in the morning for half an hour.  It has worked so far and I haven't had withdrawal symptoms yet!  I have though found a lot more time (unsurprisingly as I spend hours on my pc each day!) to craft and clean.  That said I started a new quilt for DS2 on Monday from a lovely pattern I bought by Hatched and Patched at the Quilt show last week.  Here is a snippet of that quilt:

however I have decided that the materials are far too busy for these houses - there are 28 houses all situated around the edge of the quilt with the middle part being all done in greens to make a Village Green.  Therefore I spent yesterday just block quilting the materials together in 6"x8" pieces and managed to get the whole front done in an afternoon! 

He still loves it and it was much more rewarding than perservering with all those little houses as I knew in my heart of hearts I wouldn't like them when they were completed (see I am learning!!!).  So today I am going to have a mooch through all the material I have lying around - I know I have enough fat quarters for the village green so I am going to try and use up all my scraps on the houses instead and have another go at the Hatched and Patched pattern - I am sure I can find a good use for another quilt!

Anyway that's my half an hour this morning used up so I am off to get dressed, do the school run, run to Toys R Us as it's free lego in the Sun week (how stressful is this!) and then I am going to get busy and do a bit more crafting and maybe pop to the gym.  Life in the fast lane eh!  Oh and that art journal book I started is still sitting on my table looking at me....

Thanks for looking - Worn out from the morning lego dash from Solihull


Bernice Hopper said...

Great painting. Have fun playing with all the new lego.

Samantha Elliott said...

I think we could all do with 30 hour days don't you? Though I don't want to be in work any more than I have to.
Loving those fabrics you have used for the quilt and that picture is gorgeous. I have taken to steeling my Hubby's mortar and saw now to make my own little frames for my ATCs as it was quicker (and easier) than waiting for him! Quite satisfying really and I am sure they will improve in time!

Mrs A. said...

Your painting is fantastic. Would never have thought it had been painted using pieces of card. Hope it takes pride of place on your walls. Only 1/2nr blogging time. Sounds like hard labour to me. Can,t do it I,m afraid. Cobwebs just have to regin in our house! Hugs mrs A.