Sunday, 14 December 2014

Keeping warm

Hi everyone,

I have been really busy this past week catching up on all the Christmas excitement, this morning I have been busy finishing off the last of my little handmade gifts and Christmas cards - all good fun - and last week we were busy celebrating my eldest's 14th Birthday.

I have also been busy in front of the tv catching up with Greys Anatomy - I am now on series 8 (so no spoilers please!) but box office sets are very addictive aren't they - as soon as you finish one episode you play the next one just to see what happens next! thank goodness they are only 40 mins long! Anyway whilst viewing I have been busy making these:

aren't they fabulous!  My first pair of knitted socks - quite a challenge when you get to the toe part particularly when you haven't got any double pointed needles in the right size!  Oh well I managed - the socks are knitted on a 2.25 circular needle which you can use throughout but I found it tough going at the toe so switched to four normal needles which I then had to keep swapping stitches over as they weren't double pointed so was a lot more time consuming, but thankfully saved me the expense of buying even more knitting needles when I already have hundreds!  The wool is again Bergere de France which I got from the fabulous Stitch Solihull and I am not sure if its 4ply or double knit as I don't speak French!

Am now busy on my second pair which I am going to make a little bit longer - again I am just doing a simple stocking stitch until I find a nice cable pattern for my next pair (seems knitting socks is very addictive too!).

Thanks for looking - going round in circles from Solihull


ally said...

Oh wow. I wouldn't even know where to start lol

Mrs A. said...

Am I right in thinking that the wool makes the random pattern! I love this. Hugs Mrs A.

Carla said...

Good for you! That sounds like a lot of work. If you enjoyed this sock, I'd get myself some dbl points. Much faster. I love knitting socks

Anonymous said...

Well I think they turned out FAB. Honestly, learning how to do socks, even one at a time, using the Magic Loop and one LONG circular needle totally revolutionized my sock knitting. If you were going to invest in just one thing I would say get a bamboo 2.5 mm circular needle with a 120cm cable. The take a day and watch a few Magic Loop knitting videos on You Tube (I can find a good link for you if you don;t find one you like) and have a go.

But not till after Christmas :) We are only doing lunch for 4 but we'll eat leftovers for a week!

Mary Anne