Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love is in the air

The Knit for a Bit girls have been at it again and a love seat has mysteriously appeared in Solihull this morning:

If you would like to come along and join in our crazy shenanigans and have lots of fun and giggles whilst knitting for either yourself or for a worthwhile cause then see or for details.

Also whilst on my travels around Solihull this morning I picked up this bargain from Maplins:

A set of security scissors - used mainly for shredding sensitive paper - for £1.99!  They are ideal for papercrafting but you will have to be quick as the Solihull store only has six left in stock and you will need to ask for them as they are not on the shelves!

Also I don't know whether you saw my Eclectic Elements blog hop post earlier this week but am very excited to say that all three of my projects were pinned by Tim!  How cool is that.

Thanks for looking - Feeling the love from Solihull

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Calicojoan said...

Morning, I've been trying to reach you for the Have A Latte blog hop. Just making sure your getting my emails. :-)