Monday, 31 August 2015

What a Hoot!

Well I have to say we did have a hoot when we nipped into Birmingham to see the all the lovely owls displayed around town.  We managed to find 43 in all - not bad as we were winging it without a map! These were my three favourites (don't know why!):

"You can call me owl" - what a fab name too!!!!

As you can see I have left sneaky clues on the photos as to where they were found!

I have to say we had great fun trundling around and we didn't have to go far as a lot of them are situated together.  If you get chance go and take a peek - I think they will be around until the end of September.

Thanks for looking - City Girl at heart from Solihull


ally said...

They look fab. I love an art trail

Missus Wookie said...

Oh these look fun - I like being able to wander around and find such things fairly easily.

Nice to see you in the photos too! :)

Bernice Hopper said...

Well done. You could have downloaded a map from the Big Hoot site. My favourite was the one called Selfie which is amazing since I really dislike the Selfridges building