Monday, 21 March 2016

NEC trip

Had a lovely day out at the Hobbycrafts NEC show last week with Louise - we went for five hours and it didn't occur to us that when I booked on two classes and Louise on one how much shopping time we were actually missing out on!  Must have been the excitement I guess - anyway don't panic as I still managed to spend a fortune whilst learning some new things on the way.  Here is the result of my first class:

I have been looking at the Powertex stuff for about three years now but always keep putting off getting some as I don't have time to learn a new hobby but I decided this year that what the heck I would fit it in after all!  As you can guess I obviously love this and have bought the starter kit to get myself making more stuff at home - it's still in the bag but hopefully I should get to have a play this week!  Whoo Hoo.

My other class was on the Sugar Buttons stall where Louise and I made some flowers out of air dry clay - obviously I then bought five more moulds and a flower cutter to add to my ever growing collection of moulds and have had a little play this morning (as you do - I couldn't play yesterday as OH had a birthday party!) I will show the results of these when they are dry, painted, mounted and whatever else I can think to do with them (so exciting!).

Thanks for looking - Well exercised fingers from Solihull.

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