Thursday, 4 August 2016

CC103 Day Three

I enjoyed the videos yesterday but not really had time to put them into practice - one of the perils of doing an online course during the school holidays when the weather is fabulous and the children are home I guess!

Anyway here are two quick makes:

A distressed layered collage:

I never actually do collages - not sure why I neither like nor loathe them but thought I would give this a go with just some bits I had ready made in my go to box.  I don't have the plain tissue paper and although I have some printed tissue paper I decided to use an old sewing pattern instead - not sure what all the collaged bits and pieces are but the stamps I have used directly onto the finished piece are from Tims City Central set and I also had to use glue n seal instead of collage medium.

I have also had a quick go at distressed grit paste grunge piece:

however I don't have any grit paste either so this was done using texture paste over an eroded metal piece of work which I also found in my go to box (as you do!).  Not sure I like this much but I don't have time to finish it just it yet so maybe it will grow on me when I finally do!

Thanks for looking - eagerly awaiting CC103 Day four in Solihull

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