Thursday 1 June 2006

Wet Thursday

Hmm more ponderings this morning whilst I have some spare time. Its not even 9am yet and I have managed to do a double cj layout, watch a Thomas the Tank Engine video and a Bob the Builder video and read through a new cj I have all because my OH had to go into work early! honestly some people are so inconsiderate arent they! Anyway today is a free day, my eldest child is at his grandparents until tomorrow afternoon and my smallest is in his cot although I can hear him talking to himself so he might not have his morning nap just yet - despite the fact that he has been up since 5am!!

So what shall I do I wonder? obviously there is all the housework that I can get on with but who wants to do that? Think I will start my next cj - its all about the Discworld and is already fabulous despite it only being on its third pass - all very exciting. Ooh must have some breakfast too - will go and do that now. Honest.