Friday 27 July 2007

Oh my god I cant believe its almost a year since I last posted on here - good job I kept the site name in a document as I would have forgotten it completely!

Anyway my new year's resolution (yes I know, late as usual!) is going to be to try and post on here at least once a week - after all I should get time shouldnt I - only have two small children (three if you count OH too) and a house to look after!

Its the first week of the school holidays here which has been fab this week. OH had two days off so we pottered about on trains, trams and buses (DS2 chose that!) and then DS1 has been at Grandma and Grandads since Wednesday, it was my Nans 85th Birthday yesterday so that was a lovely meal out and today I have the whole day to myself - yippee as children are been looked after elsewhere. How exciting! now what to do with myself?? I have housework, some tv to watch and obviously scrapping - wonder which one I will do??