Monday 27 June 2011

Sorry I am awol

No problems here I am alive and well!  just not been scrapping or papercrafting for the past couple of weeks - I am on DS1's school parents association and it's our summer fayre this weekend so I am busy with that and also all the running round that usually happens in schools this time of year - today I have had a parents association meeting, been to Aquafit and done Forest School this afternoon at DS2's school so I am absolutely shattered!  Most evenings I have been too tired to get my scrapping stuff out so I have been sitting on the settee and catching up with my Mandy Shaw "A Quilter Lives Here" quilt which is coming along quite nicely now - when I remember I will take some snaps of the finished applique blocks I have already completed - I have done 4 out of the 8 so am half way now!

Just thought I would show you a picture of a layout I did back in May when my mojo was visiting:

These pictures were only taken in January too - how up to date am I!

Thanks for visiting :)

Saturday 11 June 2011

Still no mojo

but I have spent most of the day doing this layout:

Have found it quite a struggle as I seem to have scrappers block again but I just had to use the new Creative Journey London stamps I bought with my birthday money, shame I haven't really done them much justice as they are fabulous - my top tip from this layout is do not, under any circumstances, stick down a huge flower and a chipboard sign with glossy accents without standing up to check that the layout is balanced first! - I wouldn't mind but I rarely stick anything down with GA but I was too lazy to go upstairs and get the glue dots, which might have ripped some of the paper, but at least would have enabled me to reposition them!  I have tried to rebalance it all with extra stamps and cut out images so it is ok now but without my usual mojo and enthusiasm its been a pain!

Anyway hope you like it, my children do thankfully (at least I think they do, they might just be saying that so that I stop scrapping and start playing Lego Pirates of the Carribean with them on the xbox instead!).

Thanks for looking.

Friday 10 June 2011

My PIFs Here!

It actually arrived yesterday but I haven't had time to photograph it until this afternoon - here it is:

I have a fabulous notebook which I will use to keep track of challenges in, a lovely card and some papers to play with.  The tag is also handmade so thank you so much Kyla - it's all fab.

I have also decided that the layout I partially showed on Wednesday is complete so here it is properly:

have decided that if I do eventually want to put dinosaurs and ladybirds peeking out I can!  Unfortunately this decision hasn't made my mojo magically reappear as I had hoped!  I have just inked a tag this afternoon using some of Tim's fabulous kraft resist cardstock that I have managed to get my hands on (thanks Bernice!) and I love it (both the cardstock and the inked tag) but don't seem to know where to go from there so it's sitting on my desk dining room table waiting to be finished - am off to take DS1 to football now so maybe the inspiration will strike when I get back!

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday 8 June 2011


Well how much fun was last week!  I have to admit my experience was a bit stressful too due to being on holiday and reliant on free wifi at breakfast and my OH's phone! but still I managed to join in, get my pif sent - from lovely Looe in Cornwall - and get in touch with my sender too, so phew. In fact looking back now me frantically waving a phone in the air to keep a dodgy connection whilst stuffing my face with a full english in the middle of a Cornish Premier Inn restaurant was probably quite a funny sight to see!  Honestly the things we do for our Wednesday fix of snooping!

I also didnt manage to get to visit many of you either due to being on holiday and then taking two days to celebrate my birthday but I will endeavour to try harder this week!

Here is my desk dining room table as of yesterday afternoon:

 - the black and white ribbon I have just bought today (Tues) from the rag market in Birmingham, the plant is a gift from my two little boys (it has pink glitter on it too - very sweet!), the Tilda box kit is a birthday present from a quarterly sewing club I am in, the yellow album and plastic bag should really be in the bin/recycling, the layout I have got very stressed about as I started it a couple of weeks ago and still cant seem to find the missing things to finish it (I envisaged little dinosaurs and ladybirds peeking out through the branches but cant muster up the energy to put them there!) so I have decided whilst taking this picture that actually the layout is complete as is and I am going to move on - no wonder I have no mojo if I am stressing over bits peeking out!!, the pile of stamps were bought before my holidays and I have yet to use them - oops.  Thats about it really - if you want to join in the fun and show your desk to the world then pop over to Julias and join in the fun.  We should all be showing our PIFs today but I havent received mine yet but will post it when I do!

Have a great day and thanks for looking :)

Monday 6 June 2011

It's my birthday


Not much craftyness to show today as we were away in Cornwall last week so I havent been making stuff (apart from some material flowers whilst sitting in the hotel room at night but they need sewing up) but still I thought I would share!

Had a big urge to do something creative last night (after I had finished unpacking and had started on the five loads of washing we bought home with us!) so I think my mojo is back - however I spent the night organising and filing away layouts as I managed to get three d ring binders (£2 each what a bargain!) from TK Maxx in Bristol last week.  Lets hope I get chance to craft later today - whoo hoo.

Here is a layout I did before we went away:

Nice and simple showing my two enjoying themselves at the Krispy Kreme factory at the really huge Tescos in Slough (no doubt we were on one of our many trips to Legoland last year! in some ways I am rather relieved our Merlin annual passes have run out as visiting so many theme parks in the short space of one year is really very tiring!). 

Anyway am off to open my cards and hopefully will be going shopping for some new crafty goodies later for new stamps I am sure I need.  Hope you all have a great day too.

Wednesday 1 June 2011


Happy Birthday WOYWW!!!!  Whoo Hoo two years old today - how fantastic is that!

Here is my dining room table this morning:

As you can see my scrapping mojo is still awol but these are a couple of the bags I have been working on for my little boys.  Yes I know the digger material is upside down but he is only 6 he might not notice!  Have had the material for about four years now and thought I ought to use it as my two little boys are growing up so fast and its already a bit too "young" for them - anyway this pattern uses up four fat quarters which is ideal for me at the moment - at least when I get these finished I can get on and use some of the new stuff I bought at the Malvern Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago - or the stuff I bought last year come to think of it!

Thanks for looking and come and join in the birthday party fun over at Julias and show us your desk too!  Can't wait to see who's pif I will be getting!  Whoo hooo.