Friday 29 December 2017

Who'd have thought

That when I decided to have a little break from blogging, basically to catch up with friends in real life more and to sit in front of a few box sets creating new knitting and crocheting projects it would be for over a year!!  Well the time has returned when I feel the need to get off my settee, throw open my door and step out into the sunshine and be more social online again. I have to say I have missed the enthusiasm and inspiration of blogs as I haven't been reading any for a while now but I have still spent most of my crafting so don't worry I have loads to share now!

My first showing is going to be my new found love of the Toft Edward menagerie items.  When I first saw Clarence the Bat hanging on a stall at the NEC I knew I had to have him, so in the theme of the ever popular elf on the shelf craze here are my much loved new crocheted additions to our home:

Clarence the Bat aka Ed in the Shed

Next to come along was Georgina the Hippo, here she is as Ed on the Bed

Then a challenge and the loveliness that is Blake the Orang-utan showcased as Ed with Ted

Then at the NEC this November I fell in love in with this pirate - those who know me will understand!! so here is Ed on the Seabed:

Thank you to the lovely Shelley over at Motivate Me Now for the loan of the fish tank!

Then here is one of my own creations as when I bought the doll emporium book to make the pirate I was inspired by the grooms coat to make a vampire - don't ask me why but that is just how my mind works!!! so here is Ed the Undead:

Lastly, but not least, I managed to grab Dylan the monster for a bargain from John Lewis so he was lovingly made and given to my youngest for Christmas and here he is as Ed on Santa's Head:

Hope you have enjoyed my little display of cuteness, these lovely items now have pride of place on my lounge bookcase.

Thanks for looking, still reeling about Carl Grimes from Solihull