Saturday 30 May 2015


can you believe that not only am I writing a blog post but I have done Tim's May tag this afternoon too!  The past few weeks have been hectic for me but I have made some decisions on what I want to do with my career, life and everything and am now a lot clearer in my mind so hopefully my mojo might be returning!  Even if it doesn't I have been sleeping a lot better recently so it just goes to show changes were needed!  Or it could just be the excitement of Aston Villa being in the FA Cup final this afternoon!  It was lovely walking around Asda this morning getting in our beers and crisps ready for the match seeing lots of Villa shirts been worn - I didn't have mine on as its a few years old and I am worried it might be a tad snug (no idea why!) but I will have it on in a couple of hours time and will hide any unsightly bulges on the settee under my crochet blanket as I am sure I can crochet and watch the match at the same time - right???? we shall see....

Anyways here is my quick version of Tim's May tag:

I used a bright green hessian background from Poundland which I toned down with Tea Dye ink. Then I applied texture paste through Tims Cargo stencil and when dry the ink from underneath had bled through which I liked so I left as is rather than adding more ink.  All the other bits had already been cut out and prepared and were in my "to be used when time is short" box apart from the nib and bottle which were both already cut out but I added the rubons and tea dye ink to the bottle and Pewter paint to the nib, edged it with Walnut Stain and added a bit of twine.  The tag was finished with two bits of muslin which I inked with Broken China.  Took me all of a couple of hours and I am hoping that this will be the new start of my papercrafting sessions again! (Not that I have lost my creativity as I have been busy sewing, knitting and crocheting but obviously there are only so many hours in the day so papercrafting has been on hold for a while).   Oooh edited to add that I forgot to say the Picket Fence spray stain, that I bought a couple of months ago and had not been yet opened, was also used on this!  Whoop.

We have just spent a lovely half term week in Bournemouth where my youngest son and I went on a Spray Paint Workshop - basically we got to graffiti on a large wall with spray paints in cans!  Great fun and I promise I will blog all about it soon (I now have a tag and everything!)  Also the huge crochet blanket for my four seater settee is coming along nicely (even that went on the trip to Bournemouth!) and I will post an update on that soon too.

Anyway gotta dash - important telly viewing about to start!  Come on Villa.......

Thanks for looking - keeping everything crossed for the Villa to win from Solihull