Wednesday 30 October 2013

Wicked Blog Hop

Its my day! Yay.

I joined in this blog hop a few weeks ago thinking it would spur me on to make something fabulous with some lovely Halloween fabric I have been coveting for a few months now but nothing happened!  I pondered and thought and surfed the net for inspiration for three weeks to come up with some ideas but I couldn't get any inspiration from anywhere.  So in a last minute panic last week (we have been on holiday these past four days) I decided to just use my lovely ghastlie fabrics and make some more simple placemats/coasters. 

I had never used mug rugs or coasters before joining in these hops but now have a lovely little collection dotted all around my house and they are so useful so here are my latest ones:

I hadn't got the heart to cut this one up any further and needed a large mat to cover a counter space in my new kitchen so this one is about A3 size.

The back is made up of some skull material:

and to quilt it I just did a random cobweb.

This got my mojo going a bit so did another four of various sizes:

all with the same backing and quilted cobweb.

Sorry they are not overly inspiring but I love them and they are already in use in my kitchen!

A big thanks to Mdm Samm and Wendy for hosting this hop - I have enjoyed it even though I didn't use the fabrics I intended too!

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Thanks so much for looking and joining in the spooky fun - Busy Creating from Solihull

Monday 14 October 2013

Back to work

I am back in the Handmade Boutique again today - whoo hoo.

Had such a busy week - feet haven't touched the ground and I still don't seem to have a lot of stock!

If you are in Solihull today please pop in and say hello we are situated on Drury Lane, Solihull (between Fat Face and Cex).

Hope to see you!

Thanks for looking - Happy peddling my wares from Solihull

Monday 7 October 2013

Working Girl

Hi everyone, its my first day working in the Solihull today - if you are in town please pop by and say hello :)

Thanks for looking - busy selling from Solihull

Thursday 3 October 2013

A new venture

I have been offered a fantastic opportunity to sell some of my artwork on the high street!

The Handmade Boutique is a pop up shop that is open on Drury Lane, Solihull (between Fat Face and Cex) from now until 24th December.  I am currently scheduled to work in the shop the next two Mondays (7th and 14th October) if you are in the local vicinity please pop in and say hello!

Here is my little boy showcasing my little empire!

Thanks for looking - busy making lots of creations to expand my empire from Solihull