Sunday, 3 October 2010

I've won an award

Thank you so much Ohhh Snap for this One Lovely Blog award

The conditions of me receiving this is to pass the award onto 15 other lovely blogs.  At first I thought this would be a real challenge as most of the blogs I follow I don't really know the authors personally, however, last Thursday morning, I had been visiting a lot of blogs via Julia's WOYWW and have realised that since following this for about 12 weeks now I have made lots of new friends.  These are people who I haven't yet met but feel that I know (in an online way), and not only that but I also have a wealth of fabulous blogs to choose from - as it came to crunch time and typing up this list I found that I actually had far more than 15 (in fact nearer double!!!).  So, without further ado, here are a few of the people who not only inspire me with their lovely blogs but are people that I now consider my friends (albeit virtual ones!) and I would like to pass this award onto them - the same conditions apply though and to accept the award you need to pass it on to 15 other lovely blogs too!

So, in no particular order:

Chrissie - check out the tutorials and her wonderful stepper cards
Elizabeth - fabulous tutorials - check out the rusting technique one
Gez - brilliant art journals here
Helen - check out her fabulous tags
Helen S - go see her altered items
Joey - check out her cards
Linda - great tags and she's met Tim too you know!
Mary Anne - lots of yummy projects here
Mummylade - lovely cards
Neet - check out her domino book!
Pam - look for the cupcakes!
Sarah - fabulous bling and glittered creations
Sarah - lots of lovely ATCs
She - Great grunge
Spyder - check out her fabulous free digi's

I have just spent the last two days having a wonderful time at Artisan - did loads of classes (seven in all) and am very inspired and have a refound love for my paints now, hopefully today I will spend some time in my craftroom as the weather is rubbish here - will post more on Artisan later.  Thanks for looking :)


Neet said...

Thank you so much for the award - I am really touched.
Check out my metal bits I did with Leandra and Lin (sidebar should direct you) and more to come at the end of October when I do another weekend with them.

Gez said...

Ooooh Thank You for thinking of me.xx :D Enjoy your award.. so richly deserved. Can't wait to see more of your fabby creations. Hope you can join the art journaling class. :) Just save the pdf's for a later date ;) Have a great Sunday. Happy crafting. Gez.xx

Stressed Stamper said...

Thank you so much will pass on the award...thanks again for your kind words

Spyder said...

Thank you sooo much for this lovely award and for thinking of me, and congrats to you for winning it too! Sorry not to get straight back to you, but both our mum's have been unwell over the weekend and I was a little busy rushing about 'doing things' tonight hubby's mum is in hospital, but my mum seems to be a lot better! Thank you again


joey said...

Hiya Hunny

Many Congrats on your award and Thankyou so much for passing it on to me :O)


Lizzybobs said...

thanks for sharing you space with us those stamps you got look fab and such a bargain- lv LIZ (68)

Sarah said...

Oh bargain stamps it would have been rude not too lots of interesting things in progress on your desk as well - did wonder what the witches boots were at first

nerllybird said...

Oh wow, can't wait to see that bag! I hope you're going to post it next WOYWW so we can all have a look. I have some of those stamps, as well, I thought they were excellent value.
Helen (32)

Anonymous said...

Just love those sewing stamps. I can yunderstand your screech of delight at seeing them. The mushrooms are cool too. Thanks or the comment on my piece of blogland.
x Tricia (65)

karenm said...

I love the look of the little bird cage. Who makes the kits?

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

OMG I can't wait to see the bag; those boots are fabulous! Love all the stamps you got at Artisan - yummy ;-)
Thanks for popping by :-)
Anne xx

Linda Elbourne said...

Thank you so much for the award ... and right back at you ... so richly deserved by your goodself! Serioulsy ... it is always nice to know that someone out there does actually read my nonsense :0) XXX

Cheryl said...

oh wonderful set of stamps they are just my sort too especially love the ones with the sewing elements on and love that bird cage too,hugs cheryl xxx

Sherry said...

Fabulous stash you bought - I love that vintage sewing set - may just have to try to find one for myself!


Sherry (117)

Doone said...

i had the most fun ever with my twiddleybitz bird cage - spent ages looking at your stash - must move on - great post,

Dx ( 63)

The Taming of the Glue said...

I am so impressed with all that crafting! So much going on that I feel lazy!! The set of sewing stamps are lovely to play'll have loads of fun with them. Pam (21)

Lothian Crafts said...

Lovely new stash on your desk. Your suitcases are looking good.
Elaine no46

Twiglet said...

Great purchases - Hope we see what you make with them.

sasa said...

Good buy - some nice things that will go a long way. also parted with cash at Artisan - just when you think you don't need anything - there it is!
Hope to see what you do with it all...
Sarah (sasa 18)

Susan Allan said...

you have got some great alterations going on there... have fun
sue xx88

Cardarian said...

Oh you have bought some lovely goodies! I have that sewing stamp set too but haven't inked it up yet! I believe you will enjoy all your new stuff but it is just the time that we never have enough!!!

Chrissie said...

Looks like you have quite and eye for a bargain! Great stamps, and some very interesting things on your desk today!

Anonymous said...

Lol, so did you go back to bed after you played with the purple paint??? Love the goodies, you got some great bargains.

Brenda 105

Sue from Oregon said...

oh such lovely stamps and fun projects. Thanks for stopping in to say hello!