Friday, 4 March 2011

Its been a funny old week

Firstly a big hello to Debbie R and Madie for following me - thank you so much :)

Well I had an absolute blast last Friday at ArtsyCrafts - two people I wanted to meet up with were ArtyJen and after almost two hours we discovered that we had been sitting together at the same table during the first class! and then also Madie who again I discovered was sitting next to me (again after almost two hours!) at the second session! what are the odds of that then?  Anyway I also met up lots of other people I already knew and also made some more new friends - all in all a fabulous day!

This is the configuration box I made with Tim:

Isnt it fabulous!  I added the little mushroom, melt art, tattered flower and friendly plastic this week, and it now has pride of place alongside my birdcage on my lounge bookcase.

Here is the house I made with ArtsyCrafts:

Doors Closed
Doors open
and here is the inchie I made to go in Tim's book:

I was so glad that I took part in this as he was genuinely touched by the thought and hard work that had gone into producing this. 

Since that Friday we have spent a few days in Manchester visiting the MOSI and Lego Discovery Centre and then I have finished off a few projects this past week (the Configuration box being one) and also have a relatively clean and tidy house to boot!  Rather a productive week for me :)

Thanks for looking.


Bernice said...

Love the box. Glad you're back on the blog

Sam said...

Hi there. Love your box, house and inchie. I am so glad that I too took part in the inchies. I saw mine on page 2 so well chuffed! I love how we all had the same goodies on the day yet they all look so different! FAB day and would love to do another one real soon!


Anonymous said...

Think your box is just fabulous! Also love your house and the inchie - have never heard of inchies before so will be investigating. Have to post this annoymously as I can't remember how to sign in with my google account (I'm hopeless!) Love Debbie R xXx

Artyjen said...

You've done a fabulous job with the box ;)
The whole day was such fun.
xoxo Sioux