Monday, 2 May 2011

Paperartsy House

Last week I finally finished off my Paperartsy house (yes the one I bought at Hobbycrafts in March last year!) - it's been on the go for ages as I lost momentum half way through after covering all the edges with musical sheets, putting in the backgrounds which consist of inked and embossed (Tim's texture plates of course!) cardstock and even putting all the stamped metal on the roof - yes I gave up when it just needed the fun part of adding all the embellishments to it!  Still mojo is back in fine form so here it now is:

I love to sew so this one is going to go up in my craft room and hopefully have pride of place in my new cupboards (if I can find a space that is!).

Here is a closeup of the roof:
used metal from Paperartsy and a Magnolia brick wall stamp.  The edges are cut using a border punch - there is a better view here:

sorry for the blurry picture!

and here is a closeup of the metal sewing machine - got this at a local charity shop for 49p!

I am just not sure whether to add a cotton reel chimney or not (you know me it will have to be put on so that it stands up straight so will entail lots of faffing about) so I would be grateful for any opinions on that!

and my bargain tip of the day is these:

aren't they fabulous! got them from Poundland so get there quick - well at least before Morag.....

Thanks for looking :)


MsBernice7 said...

Looks very good

Missus Wookie said...

Lovely - really like the textures, layers and cute bits. That sewing machine is a sweet 49p find!

Hettie said...

If you cannot find room for this I have a space in my room! Love it and right up my street ;-)