Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's been a busy week

It's actually been all systems go here the past couple of days - firstly my phone had blown up, I managed to get into it and handwrite down all my list of contacts and then put my sim in an old phone which I had completely forgotten how to work and muddle by and then OH sorted me out with a new suitable phone (I haven't a clue and was quite happy to delegate this problem!) but they were out of stock at Tesco's and their's was the best deal so I couldn't have it then and there.  I could however get myself two new pairs of glasses that I am desperately in need of - although this meant a trip home and back again to get our Tesco's vouchers as there was a double up offer on them that finished on that day.  Yesterday OH took the little one to Tesco's for our weekly shop whilst I cillit banged the bathroom (how fab is that stuff! looks like a gleaming new little palace now - at least it did yesterday!) and they had my phone in stock so I am now the new proud owner a new phone that I again can't work!

On Friday I tried to make some cards - needed to make 4 but really struggled and only made two and finished this:

Will show you the other card when it's been delivered (it's a New Home one so guess who it is for!).

I struggled because OH works from home on a Friday (and Mondays and Wednesdays too!) and I had the two children at home and mainly because my stash is stored all around the house at the moment - inkpads and dies are in the utility which is a bit of a dumping ground and the cupboard has a football table in front of it so I can't get in there easily, most of my other stash is up in my craft room which doubles up as a study now so as OH was at home and spends most of his day on the phone its difficult for me to rummage through what stash I need and then I had to make six trips up and downstairs so I spent most of Friday in a bad unproductive mood.  As life it too short to feel this way we sat down yesterday and had a rethink about the organisation of our house.  So little one is going to get the big second bedroom so that we can move all of the lego pieces out of the lounge and dining room into there with him, OH is moving his desk into little one's old room and its becoming a dedicated study and I am going to move most of my stash into the dining room and get rid of my craft table upstairs *gulp*.  That said we had a quick trip to Ikea last night for some more storage units and today I am going to be putting them up in my dining room.  It means dinner parties will be a bit of a squeeze but we don't have that many anymore and I would rather be happy crafting for most of the year rather than keeping an empty dining room so we can have 9 people round on Christmas day. 

Hopefully this week will be the whole start of something new for me, the children go back to school on Tuesday and I was hoping to enrol for an Interior Design course for Wednesdays morning but now I can have a dedicated craft room again to myself during the day I dont think I will (actually its mainly because its £125 and I have bought new glasses (small fortune), a new phone (another expense), new furniture (another small fortune), 3 fantastic new books to inspire me (can't say how much they are in case OH reads this!), some digi papers as Nitwit collections had a sale on and I so needed the pirates! oh and a new blender (more for OH than me really), so all in all I am a bit skint!  Might have to go out and get a job.

Thanks for looking :)


Bernice said...

Can't wait to see your dining room!

Missus Wookie said...

Exciting to hear you're moving everything around, hope it all inspires everyone and helps keep the legos in one place. Hear you on the expensive glasses, if I didn't need them to walk across a room I'd definitely skip that expense! :)

Sam said...

That is a really pretty tag you have made. I have now finally finished the address book that has been languishing in my room in various states of nearly finished so will post it tomorrow.
Glad to see you are getting sorted!!

Dragon said...

Love this tag... hey, I need to email you your birdycage swap partner so please email me at asap

Mrs A. said...

Hi Nicola, just spent a great 1/2hr rumaging around your blog. You have such a sense of humour, Love it. Anyway I have drawn you as my partner to send my birdie cage swap too. If you would like to get in touch with me via the email on my blog with your address then I can fly him off to you forthwith as the crow flys so to speak.
Hugs Mrs A.