Saturday, 17 September 2011

LSNED and some thank yous

Had a great time at the Charity crop last week - for those who haven't seen or heard we managed to raise a fantastic £900!  a big thank you to everyone who supported us.

Whilst there I was given some lovely gifts:
The ruler was from Sushi and was from Malaysia (fancy thinking of me all the way out there!), the ribbons were from Julie a fab find down the market and the bag of buttons and mushroom were off Lisa (Lisa always buys me mushrooms when see shes them!) - thank you everyone it's much appreciated and it is nice to know you appreciate all the hard work these events take to put together (am still worn out now!).

In the week Bernice also gave me all these lovely charms:
see there are some mushrooms in there too!  fancy that - anyone would think I have a thing for them!  She also knows I am a big fan of skulls too - I know I am strange!

Then I have also received a fabulous tag for the birdcage tag swap from Mrs A
go check out her blog it's really cool - and also a big thank you to Mrs A for following me too :)

Then yesterday I got up at 4.30am and managed to catch up with some of my LSNED tags - I have already completed days 1 - 9 last year so I am going to use those for the start of the book (if you are interested then they are here and here then I made these 4 (all of them only took me 1.5 hours so they are really all quite quick and simple but it's all I can manage at the moment!):

Might have to funk up those houses a bit more if I get chance but I have visitors today and my crop tomorrow so I won't have much  play time.

Also had a fab time at my art class yesterday and I have drawn a vase! Honestly! am really quite pleased with it will post a picture on Monday.

Thanks for looking.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

hi there love these Sunshine thanks for sharing Shaz in oz.x

Sam said...

Those are lovely charms you have there. Enjoy using them and well done on your Crop last week.

Mrs A. said...

Glad you liked the birdie tag. Thanks for the tip on the crackle effect. The pot was really gluppy and wasn't sure if it was meant to be so thick. It was quite difficult to paste it onto the cage. Will look back tomorrow to see your vase.
Hugs Mrs A.

madebyKarla said...

I like the re-do of your blog. Great tags and charms. Very sweet about your friend. It touched me :)