Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Look who's eight

with his much wanted Darth Vader quilt - the middle section is done by printing off a black and white image of Darth, placing it over the black material and just sewing around the lines with white thread - had never done this before and I was thrilled with the results - I spent ages (basically since June) wondering what to do with the Star Wars material as I wanted to do something really fancy but in the end I decided it was far too fussy to cut up and that he would love it regardless of how complicated or simple the pattern was so I just cut it up into 7" strips and put it around the sides.  Still took me a week to complete the quilt though!

Here is the back (even simpler!):

where I just used the material as is.  It was a good call as he loves it and I am glad he has had it for this birthday when he can appreciate it and not for his eighteenth which is probably when I would have finally settled on a pattern and completed it if I had gone that way!

Here is his card:

again based on the sketch over at Mojo Monday but made too late to enter into their challenge - he claims I paid for it (in other words bought it from a shop) - high praise indeed from an eight year old!

Thanks for looking - Mom to the birthday boy from Solihull


Angela said...

That is one fabulous quilt. I think you are right to keep the stitching and patching simple - and it looks SO good. As does the card [yes, he's right, it look so 'professional shop-bought'] The quilt will be treasured heirloom I know.

Question from a crochet-newbie, where do you get the patterns for your little crochet flowers? Am making a woolly hat and want to attach a blossom or two, and need an EASY pattern. Would appreciate advice! thanks

blessings xx

krislovesfabric said...

Nice job! Love the stitching on Darth, I have a pile of Star Wars fabric for my son that hasn't made itself into anything yet...better get busy, huh?

Buttons said...

Oh, if he thinks you bought the card you are clearly on to a winner! (it does look very professional). Love that quilt. Ingenius way of creating the centre section. Hope your son has a fab birthday. Hugs, Buttons x

Missus Wookie said...

What a cool quilt and card :) Both look good enough to pay for! :lol:

Samantha Elliott said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin. Love that quilt you have created but not sure about the hands at the top...they look a little creepy!! Hee Hee!

Mrs A. said...

Only took you a week by heck!!!
Stunning make. Hugs Mrs A.

Suzanne said...

Great quilt - your son look so happy with it. How lovely for him to have a quilt made by his mum to treasure. XX