Sunday, 24 February 2013

Getting the family involved

My OH and children have also been inspired by all the attention my Windows Phone quilt and phone cover have been getting that we decided to make a new one together out of Lego! (after all we own nearly every set of Star Wars lego that has been made - so it should be easy right?).

DS2 (aged 8) and I started on a snow day a few weeks ago - I did the phone and email tiles, he did the really cool jedi tile on the top left.  We also started working together on the two people tiles - a lot harder to put together than they look! Then DS1 returned home from school and he got involved making the four squares on the top right.  OH finished work and reckoned that a Lego logo would look good instead of the 20:12 and 20:13 tiles I have used in the past - so he got busy on that one.

We finally got to put it all together this half term - discovering that we were short of black bricks - problem solved though as one of our trips away this past week has been up to the Lego Discovery Centre in Manchester (DS2's second favourite place in the whole wide world - the first being Legoland!) so we went and got a load of pick a bricks on our travels.  Imagine our dismay upon our return to find that we were about sixty short!  Not to worry though as yesterday we finally managed to get down to London and go on the London Eye, we also took a trip across town to have a look at the Olympic Park (albeit six months late!) where we also knew there was a Lego shop nearby! so another box of black pick a bricks later and we were able to complete this:

cool eh!  Why oh why Lego did you shut down the Lego shop in the Bull Ring, Birmingham???? this project would have easily been finished weeks ago if it was still there!

Still we have all had such fun working on this - the children are hoping that it is as popular as my sewing creations have been - so if you find this post please like us on facebook here, retweet us @SunshineGirlUK or whatever else you can to get it showcased - they are both so excited!

Btw it measures 25.5" x 13.5" so not very pocket friendly and no I won't be sewing a cover for this one!

Thanks for looking - Surrounded by bricks from Solihull


BJ said...

How cool is that? I love lego, best toy ever. DS had the Battle of Helm's Deep for Christmas, the Millinium Falcon a few years back and yes loads of the Star Wars sets too. Just bought some Duplo for my friend's little 3yr old - gotta start them young!

Buttons said...

Fabulous and unusual idea Nicola! Sounds like you all had a really fun half term too. Hugs, Jenny x

Mrs A. said...

Pretty impressive!!! hugs Mrs A.
p.s. If my grandsons need any extra lego bricks i will know where to send em to!!!

Missus Wookie said...

Sounds like a wonderful half term - not made it over to look at the Olympic park, looking forward to it reopening this year. Lego is a favourite here too - Lego stores are a wonderful place to spend some time.