Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tims February Tags

Yes I said tags!  Whoo hoo - this months challenge has helped kill five birds with one stone! (such a strange saying that isnt it!).  Be warned this a very long post......

The first one is that my mojo is back! whoo hoo, the second is that I have finally gotten around to have a good play with my distress markers that I bought a few months ago, the third is that I have entered T!ms challenge, the fourth is that instead of a valentine tag I thought I would use a Christmas theme instead but then I remembered that I had set myself the extra challenge of using a British or Nursery Rhyme Theme - doh - so I went scouring the internet and this is what I came up with:

Tag one - snow:

Incy wincy spider climbed up the Christmas tree
Down came the snow and incy wincy freezed
On came the Christmas lights and melted all the snow
So incy wincy spider had another go

Tag two - Snowman:

To the tune of I'm a little teapot
I'm a little snowman round and fat
With a wooly scarf and a little bobble hat
Can you count my buttons 1 2 3
pick up some snow and throw it at me!

Tag three - Christmas Tree:

to the tune of 5 currant buns in a baker's shop:
5 christmas trees stood all alone
their hearts were sad cos they didn't have a home
chop went the axe, down went the tree
off it went to a happy family

4 Christmas trees...

and finally, tag four - Soldier:

Five little Soldiers stand in a row,
Four stand up straight and one bends low.
Along came the Seargent and what do you think?
Up pops the Soldier, as quick as a wink

or I could have gone with Nutcracker and:

The Nutcrackers sat by a plate on the table.
The Sugartongs sat by a plate at his side.
And the Nutcrackers said, "Don't you wish we were able
Along the blue hills and green meadows to ride?
Must we drag on this stupid existence forever,
So idle and weary, so full of remorse,
While every one else takes his pleasure, and never
Seems happy unless he is riding a horse?

"Don't you think we could ride without being instructed,
Without any saddle or bridle or spur?
Our legs are so long, and so aptly constructed,
I'm sure that an accident could not occur.
Let us all of a sudden hop down from the table,
And hustle downstairs, and each jump on a horse!
Shall we try? Shall we go? Do you think we are able?"
The Sugartongs answered distinctly, "Of course!"

So down the long staircase they hopped in a minute.
The Sugartongs snapped, and the Crackers said "Crack!"
The stable was open. The horses were in it!
Each took out a pony, and jumped on his back.
The Cat in a fright scrambled out of the doorway.
The Mice tumbled out of a bundle of hay.
The brown and white Rats, and the black ones from Norway,
Screamed out, "They are taking the horses away!"

The whole of the household was filled with amazement.
The Cups and the Saucers danced madly about.
The Plates and the Dishes looked out of the casement.
The Salt shaker stood on his head with a shout.
The Spoons, with a clatter, looked out of the lattice.
The Mustard pot climbed up the gooseberry pies.
The Soup ladle peeped through a heap of veal patties,
And squeaked with a ladle-like scream of surprise.

The Frying pan said, "It's an awful delusion!"
The Teakettle hissed, and grew purple of face.
And they all rushed downstairs in the wildest confusion
To see the great Nutcracker-Sugartong race.
And out of the stable, with screamings and laughter,
their ponies were cream colored, speckled with brown.
The Nutcrackers first, and the Sugartongs after,
Rode all round the yard, and then all round the town.

They rode through the street, and they rode by the station.
They galloped away to the beautiful shore.
In silence they rode, and "made no observation,"
Save this: "We will never go back any more!"
And still you might hear, till they rode out of hearing,
The Sugartongs snap, and the Crackers say "Crack!"
Till, far in the distance their forms disappearing,
They faded away and they never came back!

who would have thought that there were Christmas nursery rhymes?  anyway each tag uses a variety of stains, inks and markers.  Kraftcore cardstock embossed with one of T!ms Christmas folders, Christmas twine, Christmas tissue tape, Noel Ideaology adornments (coloured with promarkers and either bottle, snowcap or ginger alcohol inks). 

On the snowman tag I added one of T!ms diecut snowmen which was done in shrink plastic and melted in my melting pot (such fun!) and two old epoxy stickers I found in my stash, on the Nutcracker tag I added a T!ms Christmas ticket inked with Festive Berries, on the Tree tag I added a fragment with a Father Christmas image and one of T!ms epoxy stickers and metalz framez - remember them? must be about 8 years old - found those in my stash too! and for the Snowflake tag I added another epoxy sticker and frame along with a glass bead mounted onto a Lily of the Valley Christmas quote.

All in all a fun day's play!  What is the fifth bird I hear you ask - well come December all I have to do with these tags is mount them onto a piece of music paper and then onto a card and I have four Christmas card done! Whoo hoo.

Sorry this has been such a long post - hope you have stayed with me until the end......  A big hello to all my new followers who have joined me from the Dare to Dresden blog hop - so glad you all liked my cog quilt! That was such a fun hop wasnt it!

Thanks for looking - Feeling Christmassy again from Solihull

All the above poems were taken from the following websites:


oh and I have just noticed that this was my 400th post! whoo hoo.


Mrs A. said...

Didn't you do/ink well. glad to hear mojo is backafter her long sojourn.
I'd like to know where they all go. Do you think there is a convention they all go off to at certain times of the year!!!!
Hugs Mrs A.

Cynthia said...

Congrats on your 400th post! That is one grand achievement!! And congrats on your beautiful tags--they are one and all amazing!!

Buttons said...

How imaginative!! Most of us are content to struggle with the original theme without adding two layers of complication!! SO glad your mojo is back and working on top form again. Hugs, Jenny x

Silvia(Barnie) said...

How cool - your tags are FANTASTIC. Congrats to your 400th post :)

Ria Gall said...

So great that your mojo is back and wow have you been working it with these fantastic tags, I love them

Desiree de Monye said...

Great tags!!! I especially like the snowflake tag.

SaraJ said...

Love your tags...especially the snowflake...which I think must be one of my all time favorite stamps. These are great!!

Missus Wookie said...

Woot! Your mojo is definitely back - these are all great and I do like the idea of just making them into Christmas cards. Although I'd be tempted to do it now and then revel in the knowing I've got 'em done :lol: