Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Keeping warm with T!m

I regularly use my sizzix dies for sewing and rarely publish them but in January I decided to go for it big style and started a T!m sizzix quilt.  When I discovered he wasn't going to be at the NEC Trade show in February I put it on the back burner as I wanted to show him it in person but a couple of weeks ago I got it out of the unfinished pile and got on with it.  I had done most of the blocks and had cut out the small squares so it just needed piecing together.  I first put it together with 9 blocks on the front and the text blocks on the back to make it double sided but then decided I wanted a longer quilt with a plain back - so that slowed me down for another week or so whilst I unpicked some blocks and reorganised it so that all the text blocks which were going to be on the back were now on the front and here it is finished:

Here are a few closeups:

had to have cogs on it of course! all pieces are machine stitched - I am just coming to grips with machine quilting but I am pleased with my results - my Bernina doesn't have a blanket stitch so this is the blind hem stitch - its actually grown on me now and I am going to be using it a lot more - my eye sight is making sewing by hand a pain as I usually do it in front of the telly in the evening but too much close work and watching tv is becoming a struggle in dim light - I probably need varifocles.....

obviously needed to make a sewn sleigh out of the sign post die - I was (in fact still am) so excited about all the fuss this stirred up - I had over 3000 blog hits!

I haven't got the witch die so this is actually from the mask - I drew around the outside and then appliqued her on, and lastly but obviously never least:

a few quotes, rather than stamping them (which I have been known to do on my quilts!) I used the wordplay die and cut out and sewed on all the letters individually.

Used some moda fabrics (browns, creams. light grey and blue) and then a plain grey and black, various dies, threads and beads.  Might do some more free motion quilting on it at a later date but for now its done!

Hope you like it - this will keep me all nice and snuggly next winter - although three weeks ago I could have used it couldn't I! but now the weather has turned I will display it with pride draped over my settee until the autumn.

Thanks for looking - all cut out and stitched up from Solihull


505whimsygirl said...

Wow! This is so cool!!! Talking about thinking outside the box - making the lamp post into a sleigh!! Holy moly!

Wonderful project!!


Buttons said...

So glad you got this completed - it's fabulous!! Love how you've grouped the elements together to create little stories. Loved your post title too:) That will get a lot of people curious/talking!! Hugs, Jenny x

Suzette said...

Outstanding quilt! I so wish I could put together a quilt - I do sew (you should see my Bunnies and Bears) but quilting always intimidated me!

Suzette said...

Outstanding quilt! I so wish I could put together a quilt - I do sew (you should see my Bunnies and Bears) but quilting always intimidated me!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh this is awesome - hope you get to show it to T!m at some point.

Carolyn Phillips said...

That is absolutly amazing.

JoZart said...

That is just a super idea and such fun. Well done to you!
Jo x