Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shop opening

Oooh look who I just happened to bump into yesterday:

my gilet doesn't do my any favours does it! I honestly don't really look like a Michelin tyre man!

I popped into the new sewing shop opening in Moseley by Lauren of Sewing Bee fame yesterday with Julie and Aimee - we had a lovely time.

The shop is located in the Moseley Village in Birmingham - more details here.  Its a lovely place to visit with some lovely fabrics, a little coffee shop area, some fabulous Rowan wools and a wonderful light space for workshops on the second floor.

Thanks for looking - Got the sewing bug from Solihull


Julia Dunnit said...

gosh look how busy it was...wishing them loads of luck..and look at you all smiley and having fun!

Buttons said...

OMG! Hob-nobbing with TV stars now Nicola! Looks like the opening was really busy which is so great. Sewing/quilting is such big news now thank goodness. Will you be entering next year's comp? Hugs, Jenny x

Giulietta said...

what fun! I loved the programme which was filmed round the corner from us in London.
But your gilet is a gorgeous colour!

Missus Wookie said...

No idea - but glad you met them :) Lovely colour on you too. Sounds like a nice place to craft.

Mrs A. said...

How is it you always manage to be in the right place at the right time ie. T.H., the Olympic torch and now this. Think I might just start sticking to you like glue!! Hugs Mrs A.

Jenny Watson said...

All of you are looking fantastic in your own lovely smiles I really really happy today.