Friday, 25 June 2010

Have waited so long for this day!

Its Lego Harry Potter release day! whoo hoo we are very excited in my house (well I am anyway!) have preordered this and am hoping that the lovely postman delivers it later today as it has already been despatched from Tescos. Guess what I will be doing later if it arrives? actually I say that but I have a poorly little Benny Button home today :( he got sent home from school yesterday at 11.00am (on my play day - what does he think he is up to?) with a poorly tummy, but thing is when children are poorly they arent allowed to the play Xbox! oh no thats a banned item in our house if you are ill - you are allowed to watch television and do quiet things but no gaming. Oh dear - what is a girl to do??? might have to "bend" the rules, after all he is poorly and needs comforting and as school sent him home he cant be pulling a fast one - can he??

Also due to be delivered (according a nice little email I received yesterday) are my sizzix texture plates - lets hope I get those today too!

Inspired by the flowers made here: I made this yesterday:


My woven material is going to fray like anything as I didnt put a backing on it but it has set me in motion and I am going to make some more today out of organza - what fun!

Thanks for looking :)


Spyder said...

Harry Potter AND Lego...ohooo I wish my girls were little again!!

Jan said...

all your projects are just gorgeous and i love your blog!