Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lots of lovely new stuff!

So here is the box of goodies of all the stuff I have just treated myself to with my birthday money - can you see the lovely little (well actually quite big) Hanglars there in the bottom left hand corner? whoo hoo, and I have also had four new Lili of the Valleys (still not properly played with the three that I bought in November yet either!)
Decided to treat myself to the metal bits (they were on sale) and glimmer mist colour kit as I have always fancied them but couldn't justify the cost but as it was my birthday (did I mention that?) I thought I deserved a special treat!  Crafty Individual stamps came yesterday and I still haven't opened them yet!  Did have a dinner party yesterday night though and nipped out into town in the day so I think I should be excused!

Here is a tag I have made this week though with the lovely new Tim Holtz stamps you can see in the box too - took me ages - the tag and stamping was done in about 10 mins but then I made a yellow flower (left to dry overnight) and it looked too garish, so then I made an aged mahogany flower (like the one used) which took another night, then I wasn't really sure whether I liked the look or not so I made a black one (thinking it would give a nice strong constrast) but it looked truly dreadful, so I reverted back to the aged mahogany one which I then managed to tear when squishing down so I had to make another one!  Ho hum no wonder it takes me hours to make anything!  Anyway am happy with it now - particularly the fluffy thread - I haven't used fluffy thread on a tag since it was in vogue about 6 years ago, lately I just use hemp (because its fab!) but I got the above fibres in my box of goodies from Craft Obsessions so I decided to use it (although I do already have a boxful hoarded from years ago too!).

And finally, when we were at Alton Towers during the half term I saw this and decided to treat myself to him - will hang him from my bucket and hopefully he will bring me lots of creativity and inspiration!  Isn't he lovely although he hasn't got a name yet (I did think about calling him Oscar but OH named our first chilli that and we have since eaten him so I haven't got the heart to call this one the same name).  If you have any ideas let me know!
Thanks for looking :)


Dawn said...

Yoummy goodies and a vist to AT sounds great fun!

Love Dawn xx

Carmen said...

LOL - I bought that voodoo doll for a crafty friend of mine when I went to Loch Ness. I bought myself the 'Ultimate Devil' voodoo doll to ' help you get revenge on those who or rude or offend you' *g* They are so cute aren't they?

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Great bunch of stuff you have there. I'm green with envy ~jeni :)