Sunday, 12 September 2010

I have finally done a layout!

Can I just say a big hello to Ohhh Snap and Julia who have kindly started to follow my blog although I am going to waffle on big time now so I hope you don't regret it!

This is actually the fourth layout that I have done for myself this year, I kid you not!  I did two layouts in February - both Disney ones and then a pirate layout in April (probably because I had just bought some pirate stamps rather than the scrapbooking side of it!).  Apart from a couple of class layouts I have prepared this year that is it!  That is how bad I have had scrappers block, anyway I have ignored it and got on with other projects knowing that I will return to it in the end.  I had scrappers block once before, a few years ago now, and I struggled so much and tried so hard that I almost gave up scrapping altogether.  But today I got the urge to make a layout - so make a layout I did!  here it is:

And it's a double layout too!  Actually I have to confess that it's not really my style but I think the reason I have been struggling so much is that I have wanted to get these Disney photos scrapped for so long now and I haven't known what to do with them.  What is it with Disney that you go and have a fabulous time and then you wander around the shops and you just have to buy some scrapping papers - how do Disney do that?  so wish I could bottle it and bring it home to use!!  Anyway you buy the papers - you know you do - we all do! and then you get home and you look at them and you just wonder "Why??".  The papers are so not me and they are so hard to use.  And don't get me started on the photos - you go on a ten day holiday and come back with about 5000 photos - how does that happen?  Anyway I really wanted to scrap these photos - I love them but they were so difficult.  Then I came across this website and she talks you through sketches.  It's a known fact that I am rubbish at sketches - firstly I never understood them for years, honestly I didn't, now I kind of get them but find it very difficult to break away from the sketch and make the layout my own - but I am going to try, I really am.

Anyway back to this sketch, I apologise for the poor photo - the layout is actually white and inked around the edges with mustard seed.  Other than that I have used a Disney patterned paper (so not me) and some stickers (again so not me although I have a drawerful) and a couple of nestie shapes (so me) and some ink through sequin waste (so me) and I have completed this layout.  I have managed to do eight difficult photos in one go and now only have about three left to do plus some beach photos from that holiday sixteen months ago - see I am getting there!

If you managed to keep going this far - thanks for reading!

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Ohhh Snap said...

Hiya! The layout is great, and you are doing better than I am, I have a Disney trip from 2004 to scrap lol. And about 30 years of other pictures.

There is a podcast that talks about scrapbooking philosophies. The first one which you can find on iTunes blew my socks off. It's long, but I like to listen to this sort of thing while I'm doing things that don't require a lot of thought. is a link to the site, but if you look up paperclipping roundtable on iTunes it should take you there :D.