Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer Holidays

We have just spent a couple of weeks visiting our favourite haunts around England and Wales - imagine the excitement (and chaos) we caused when we stumbled across this when walking alongside Cardiff Castle walls:

yes we posted loads of postcards from this box - including one to ourselves!  We went to Cardiff with both sets of grandparents - didn't end too well though as my Dad "stumbled" outside the castle walls on the last day and Mom and I ended up spending 7.5 hours with him whilst he was attended to by ambulance crew and then in casualty having about 30 stitches and 3 xrays - still, four stitches came out on Thursday and the rest are disolvable so he is ok now and doesn't have to eat just soup anymore!

We then went on to Torquay (just the four of us) where we walked into Cockington (one of my favourite places in the whole wide world) and the children and I took part in a free screen printing workshop:


can you guess which one is mine?

We then spent a few days in Plymouth staying on the Hoe and I found this in a little antique shop:


it's leather bound and dates from 1891 inside - isnt that lovely neat writing!  Am wondering whether this will spur me on to try some art journaling (when I find some spare time!) or whether its just too lovely to slap paint on!

Then we stopped off at Bristol where there was another drama as there was a bomb scare in Cabot Circus which is where our hotel was and we couldn't get into the city for the first couple of hours, but when we did we spent our last day pottering around the shops finishing getting school stuff for the children, including my eldest's new school bag:

can't believe my little boy starts big school in 10 days time - gulp!

If you have followed my journey this far - thank you - and can I just say a big hello to Tiffany - thanks for following me.

Thanks for looking - already drowning under an ironing mountain from Solihull


Jackie xxx said...

Yeah!!! to the gold post box - thanks for the card x.

Love the leather book, but I wouldn't use it - it would just gather dust looking pretty and old - lol.

WOW - you have had a great holiday, back home now to reality.

Mrs A. said...

The ledger is a wonderful find. Must have some interesting accounts in it. Glad your Dad is on the mend now. Mine has had a fall of somekind in the home and had to go to Hospital for xrays as they were not sure if he had broken it or not. Now have to wait for the results to go to his doctor to find if he has or not.
Hugs Mrs A.

Eliza said...

I have never seen a gold post box let alone one like that we have horrible red tin things here in Austraila. What a horrible thing to have happen to your dad, I do hope he is mending, then to have to contend with bomb scares OMG what a horrendous thing to have to live with. But touring castles that must be awesome, something I really want to do.


Jak said...

Sounds like youve had fun..sorry to hear about your dads accident, hope hes on the mend.

Love that picture of the gold posbox.

As for the ledger, Im afraid I couldnt bring myself to use it, Id just stare lovingly at it every once in a while lol x

Missus Wookie said...

Glad your Dad has recovered - very scary. How fun to find the gold post box, and those screen prints look great.

Hettie said...

Owch!! Sending hugs to your Dad!
As for that book I think you should use it and give it some love that it deserves instead of leaving it on a shelf getting dusty. No point buying it otherwise ey!! You can always leave some pages with the writing showing!