Sunday, 30 December 2012

Its Oh So Quiet

on the crafting front I mean - not my house that's as hectic and noisy as usual! In fact more so with the children being off school.  I haven't had chance to play much this week - in fact the white tablecloth from Christmas Day is still on my dining room table so I can't get my inks out until I move it!

I did however paint two lovely pictures at my last two art classes which are on proud display in my dining room so I thought I would post them on here to show you all too.  Here is the one I did a week last Friday:

and the one I did the week before that:

both are done in acrylics.

Had a great time at the Solihull Pantomime on Friday and tomorrow I am taking DS2 to see the Gruffalo's Child in Birmingham, then we only have two more days until they go back to school! Boo. Oh well such is life as I will then have to catch up with the jobs I keep putting off as we are on holiday! 

So that's from me until next year! hope you all have a good one!

Thanks for looking - Off to play Lego Lord of the Rings from Solihull


MsBernice7 said...

Both paintings are great but I really love the robin. You could have it printed as your next year's Christmas card

Ale jc said...

Hi sweetie love your paintings and your bird would look lovely stitched up too

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wonderful painting, you're very talented.

Carla said...

Beautiful art. Loving that little snowman ; )

Mrs A. said...

Banging my cymbals here to make a bit of noise for you! Love both your paintings. Made any more quilts lately? Wishing you a Happy Healthy and crafty new Year. Hugs Mrs A.

Hettie said...

Great paintings Nicola.
Happy New Year to you and your family Honey.

Artyjen said...

Happy New that robin ;)
xoxo Sioux

Jenny Marples said...

Lego Lord of the Rings:)) Love it Nicola! Mine are now at the stage where they don't really want me butting in with Skylanders Giants. I remember well the days when I was a Pokemon champion... oh yes! I caught all 150 on one game alone!! Love your pictures - that robin is superb - you need to create/alter a frame for both of them now. Hope you have the best year yet in 2013, and yep, we do need a get together this year. Hugs, Jenny x

InGa said...

Love your paintings... :-)