Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Challenge Number 3

Ok here is my third challenge - bit of a tricky one this! (have changed the button as this was what I was always going to call my challenge but I made it on my main PC and whenever I have gone to post my challenge the PC has been in use so I have had to upload the other picture from my laptop - but now its all on my laptop so I can use it whenever!).

When I walk to school I always walk past a parked service van which has 24/7/365 days a week written on the side - this got me to thinking about this challenge.  What you need to do is:

24 - You must use 24 items on your tag/card and/or layout - this includes the base cardstock, any colours used, if you use 5 staples this is classed as 5 items, however if you use a stamp and have already classed the ink colour used as an item then you only class the stamp as a new item

7 - there must be a link to 7 of something on your creation - for example you might use a specific colour of the rainbow, a 7 letter word title, or a 7 word title - be as creative as you like here but there must be a connection to number 7

365 - this is the easy part - use a circle somewhere on your creation.

Phew - told you it was a toughy!  Unfortunately although I planned this challenge about 3 weeks ago I havent had time to prepare any examples for you - due to drama plays, birthdays and just generally having a busy life!  I hope to catch up and post something soon for you though.

Please join in with me if you can and post a link here so I can come and look at your creation:

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