Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's all going wrong

This morning my phone broke - I can send texts but can't do a backspace so if I do a typo I can't delete it therefore I am starting to send garbled messages (nothing new there really!), I also can't make or receive calls :(

Two friends have nipped round this morning and my doorbell doesn't work :(

Last week my melt pot broke - I melted some UTEE, poured it out, added some more and then just nothing happened.  All the lights are on but there is no longer any heat :(

Two weeks ago the door knob fell off the front door and although it can be screwed back on the thread has obviously broken as it has fallen off another four times since so has now been taken off but I have left the screw sticking out to save having a hole in the door :(

Three weeks ago the grill on my main oven broke - it comes on but at full blast so basically burns anything - good job I don't use it very often :(

So it's all going a bit pear shaped here at the moment.  Am off to do the ironing - am secretly hoping that that might break too!


Ohhh Snap said...

I hope it gets better for you soon!

Bernice said...

I wondered why I hadn't heard from you. You'll have to resort to email

madebyKarla said...

oh no! Hope everything starts going your way soon :) hugs!

Missus Wookie said...

ugh on the trail of devastation - hope it turns for the better.... and before or after the iron blows up is up to you ;)