Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oooh you heard it here first!

Primark have some lovely new jewellery in store:

just look at those fab keys! that necklace was £4 and has 9 fantastic keys on it, the long brown necklace was on sale for a £1 and I think the leaves were £2 and the silver one £3 (I actually wore that yesterday too!) - going to have a lovely sit down later this afternoon with my little pliers and take them all to pieces - can't wait to start using them on projects - just think how fabulous those leaves are going to look when I have applied alcohol ink on them - whoo hoo.
Also a big hi to Bekca - thanks for following me :)

Have been awol this week as I have been in sunny Cardiff and Swansea (visiting Primark!) with the family. This week I am hoping to catch up with some more sewing - finally treated myself to a thimble at the Festival of Quilts (fantastic quilt show - well worth going to if you love sewing - the winners quilts were stunning - put my cushions and organisers to shame!). To the girls at my crop I am still working on the Shakespeare layout too! maybe this week eh!

Have also updated the WhatHouseworkBlog so please check that out if you are coming to our charity crop - we have just one space left now!

Thanks for looking :)


Sam said...

Some lovely trimmings you have there. The nearest Primark is 20 odd miles away but if I am anywhere near I always pop in! I find Claires has some lovely bits sometimes!
Hope Swansea and Cardiff looked after you!

Bekca said...

A big hello to you too! I've never thought of using bits from jewellery in scrapbooking before, what a wonderful idea. I can't wait to see how you use them, best wishes.