Friday, 13 April 2012

And yet another sewing accomplishment

This bag has been on my to do pile for a while now:

it's rather sweet isn't it!  It's a bolster bag that is fully lined:

I got it from my Quarterly Crafting club which is Daisy Chain Designs - I don't think I would have particularly chosen it as a kit normally but am still rather pleased with it.  I am going to keep my distress ink foams in it which I know is a bit extravagent but let's face it I really don't need another bag!  I started it yesterday afternoon and then spent two hours last night turning out that handle! and then have just finished off the rest this morning.

Learn't a really good tip making it on how to sew circles - could have done knowing about that on Tuesday when I made three of these:

See it's been a busy sewing week for me!  Five projects completed oodles more to go.....

Thanks for looking - Happy Sewer from Solihull


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Well done Honey! I have a huge sewing pile here if you want to do some more!! I feel a sewing week coming up! Have a good weekend! x