Friday, 20 April 2012

I have a confession - it was me!

This morning, after relooking at the picture I posted yesterday of my dresden plate,  I decided to

so I sat and unpicked my slightly puckered dresden plate, reironed it all (and cleaned the iron in the process too!).  Whilst I was doing this I quickly reread through the instructions and realised that instead of sewing around the outside of the circle template I had in fact sewn inside it with a quarter of an inch seam - therefore my circle was too small!  So I redid another circle too (properly this time!), ironed it and I have now completed my dresden plate (again!):

looks much better now doesnt it.  This time I used some 505 to glue it to the backing material along with a pin in each plate.  Just need to get some matching fabric to bind it into a little quilt and turn it into a little table mat (I feel a quick trip out to Hobbycraft coming on!).  Now need to decide whether the plates are big enough for me to cut my Alice in Wonderland material into without losing too much of the design.

Such fun!

Thanks for looking - Sad it's the last day of the school holidays from Solihull


My name is Cindy said...

Looks great! Well done you for sticking with it - it's always disheartening to 'do it over' (especially as there are no guarantees!!) but I think you made the right decision it looks even better than the first time round and you sound much happier with it. Have a good weekend.

Julia Dunnit said...

It's fab! Good for you too, I'm terrible for letting it go and not re-visiting to put things right, am very impressed. It will make a really special table mat.

Sam said...

Well done for not filing it in the "sod it box". Lovely plate Madam. I was sewing yesterday in a quilting workshop. I will show it when it is all stitched and the ends have been hidden!