Sunday, 1 April 2012

My crafting skills

obviously come from my Dads side of the family although my Nan was well known for her sewing and knitting skills too!

A while ago my Dad asked me if I would post some pictures on my blog so his friends could see his diarama so here they are:

isn't it fabulous!

another overall view shot

love the tyre tracks on this one

love the broken down roof on this one

and here is another!

I think my Dad should set up his own blog to show off his creations - do you??

Thanks for looking - Missing T!ms Creative Chemistry already from Solihull


Rita said...

I certainly think your dad should have his own blog. I bet there would be lots of people interested in it too. How wonderful to be able to create scenes like that. Clever Dad. Hugs Rita xx

Artyjen said...

Wow! They are fantastic:)
xoxo Sioux

Chris said...

I think your Dad should definitely start his own blog, the diorama is fantastic and every little details you could imagine is there, such talent!

Jackie xxx said...

WOW looks great. You need to set up his own blog for him. x

Missus Wookie said...

They are lovely - does he create scenes from them or do they each stand on their own?

Hope his friends enjoy seeing them.

Neet said...

These are super. Get him blogging - deffo!
Hugs,Neet x