Wednesday, 5 September 2012

And another ones goes

This time to a new Junior school:

this one is very excited about his new school adventure!  He will also still need to be taken and collected to and from school which means I still get to walk up and down the lane playing iSpy, looking for mushrooms and snails, jumping in puddles and occasionally, when it's not too muddy, walk through the jungle looking for elephants and tigers.  One of the main reasons why I have decided to be a stay at home Mom for just a little bit longer.

Here he is on his first day four years ago:

Bless him!

My eldest came home yesterday really happy - he loved his first day at big school despite all the worries beforehand!

Thanks for looking - Mom of now very relieved Senior school boy and a very excited Junior school boy from Solihull


Angela said...

So glad son #1 had a good day yesterday - hope the same goes for Son #2.
Don't they grow up fast?!

blessings x

Missus Wookie said...

oh - what a cutie pie! Glad they both had good days. :)

Mrs A. said...

Hasn't he grown some! My no 1.
Grandson started infants yesterday and his school uniform is the samme colour. His mum (DIL) was just about holding it together when she had to leave him at the door. Grandson loved his first day. Grandson no 2. started his preschool yesterday too and when my daugther picked him up he told her he was going again tomorrow!
Hugs Mrs A.

Jackie xxx said...

I really hope that your don't find any tigers lol. Glad all went well, and WOW to you still be able to jump in puddles ;-)