Sunday, 9 September 2012

Busy with a crochet needle!

I have finally cracked crochet - at least I think I have.  Been trying to teach myself for ages but as soon as I got to grips with it the project would be put to one side whilst I got on with something else and then when returned to it was all forgotten!

But last Thursday I made myself sit down for two hours in the quiet (no children here!) and perserveer with it.  Here are some of my results:

believe me there are loads more!  I have pink ones, rust coloured ones, more blue and grey ones - in fact lots of them!  I have only managed to get to grips with these two patterns - I printed some more off the internet but they all look a bit confusing so whilst sitting in front of the telly the past three nights I have just got on with the above two types with any bit of wool (or twine or string!) that I can find without going up into the loft where I have bin bags full of wool.  The twine and string ones look nice but did make my finger sore so I don't think I will be doing any more of those - just need to make some fabulous tags or layouts to use them on now!

I have also been busy making material flowers:

have lots of these in different colours too - the round ones are just twisted strips of fabric held together with my glue gun (I still have a blister on my little finger to prove it! the things we do for art eh!) and the shaped ones are done with yoyos.  So glad I invested in these as I wasn't sure if they would be a waste of money but they are so simple and quick to use, and these ones I actually took on holiday and made whilst we were sitting in the hotel room on an evening (sold my sidekick so couldn't sit and cut out lots of dies as my OH won't let me take the bigshot (spoil sport!)).

And then finally I have got to make one of these:

been meaning to make these for ages now - I bought a bag a couple of years ago which had one on (although annoyingly no instructions for it in the pattern I bought), so I have had the bag done since then but no flower on (obviously have now lost the material in the depths of my sewing cupboard too!).  Anyway whilst in the States I decided to buy the pattern as it was only $4 - I knew I didn't necessarily need it as the petal shapes are a simply handdrawn onto freezer paper and the edges sewn around and gathered together but I thought it might actually spur me on to produce one if I had the pattern sitting there on my "Things To Do" pile - and as you can see it did.  Only made this one (or two if you count the two sizes!) but do plan on making many more.

Anyway this has all been done whilst I have been busy beavering away on my quilts for the Dots on Dots blog hop.  The hop starts tomorrow and the full schedule is here my showcase day is Tuesday and you can tell from the above flowers what colours my dots are!

Thanks for looking - going dotty from Solihull


Jackie xxx said...

Lovely, you have been busy. x

Mrs A. said...

Well done on mastering crochet. Once you get the hang of it it really is quite theraputic. Lots of lovely material ones there too. Made me laugh about the stash of wool hidden in the loft . I'm the same!!! Hugs mrs A.

Catherine said...

Your crochet flowers are great!. I crochet and would like to learn to knit. I`ve always thought fabric flowers are beautiful. Yours are lovely.

Buttons said...

Good job hun. These things cost a fortune from some suppliers and this way you get the colours and sizes you want.
Need to have a go at doing these (there is a crochet needle buried in the spare room somewhere but it may take a 3 day expedition to find it!)
Enjoy making things to put them on now:) Hugs, Buttons x

Missus Wookie said...

The flowers are all so different - can't wait to see what you put 'em on. You can cover a bag with them to ensure you get the $4s worth :lol:

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Your flowers are amazing.

Susan Flynn said...

Goodness me I am exhausted just looking at all your crafty creations. Well done on mastering crochet, I find it a lot easier than knitting x

Jak said...

Busy bee yet again, put me to shame! lol.

I love making the fabric flowers (the dotty one) havent tried the others yet, must add to my 'to do' list x

Janet said...

I love all your dotty flowers! Especially the last one. And your beach scene is lovely with the kites.