Wednesday, 5 December 2012

WOYWW 183 and a Toot!

Hi everyone,
I wasnt going to join in today even though I am planning a crafty day in my dining room but I have just seen that I have had a mention on T!ms blog and its put me in an incredibly happy mood that I feel that I can conquer the world! (that and I am addicted to peeking at others mess - sorry creativeness!)  plus I need some inspiration..... mojo has seriously left me these past few days although I have been doing an online Christy Tomlinson course and my normal painting class on Fridays so its not all bad!

Anyway here is my desk/dining room table:

as you can see not much craftiness going on!  I have printed out T!ms december tags there to get on with today and the pagemaps sketches were used to make a card yesterday but I have had to move that in case the recipient reads this!  The snowflake has been sitting there for almost two weeks - its part of a Christmas Tree decoration I am making similar to T!ms rosettes one last year - the tin is full of my handmade Christmas cards and a couple we have already received - including a birthday card for DS1 who will be 12 on Friday.  At the back are two presents waiting to be wrapped and a new phone and ear phones that are all mine - whoo hoo!

Thats my desk - hopefully it will be messier in a bit - if you want to join in the fun pop over to Julias and join in the fun!

Thanks for looking - a Happy Blogger from Solihull!

ps If you want instructions of how to make the sleigh using T!ms sign die on this post here please email me and I will send you a pdf.  Thanks and Happy Christmas!


Andrea said...

dont you just love it when you see all your completed x mas cards in the one place your box is cuter than my boring shoe box.I look froward to see how you progress with the tags have a fab week x #25

MiniOwner said...

Good moinring and congrats on reaching thee dizzy heights of Tim's blog. Good luck with the tags - I decided not to do the this year ... but perhaps I will. LOL Happy Wednesday! :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner @1)

Apryl said...

Hope you find your mojo! I'm sure you will with everything to look at on WOYWW!

Have a creative day!

#11 Apryl

Inkypinkycraft said...

wow what a fab thing, congrats on being on tims blog!
thanks for sharing.
happy woyww trace x #33
p.s. I have festive candy

Hettie said...

Yay! Well done on making it to Tim's blog!
Now get on with some work or you will end up on the Naughty List!

Eliza said...

Oh you will get there the mojo will fly away soon. Wait for the hot days and then hit the mags and go for it. Maybe you are trying to hard.

Happy crafting if you can.

Hugs Eliza 38

Eliza said...

Oh forgot congrats on being on Tims Blog....... way to go....


Helen said...

Well done on the mention, I saw it earlier. Happy desk indeed! Helen, 5

Missus Wookie said...

Oooh the new phone has arrived - so the hints worked? :lol: Congrats on the mention - that sleigh is very clever. Hope the birthday goes well.

sandra de said...

Now that looks like a very organised desk. Must check out your mention on the Big TG blog. well done.
Sandra @27

Unknown said...

Wow, you are famous now! Well done.
Carolyn #82

Anonymous said...

Will look forward to more feedback on your course. I always start online courses with the best of intentions but never seem to follow thru as well as I should - I find my own ideas take over and once you let the momentum slip all is lost! Have a good one!

MA (23)

butterfly said...

Huge congrats on your TH mention - the sleigh is fab! And I'm sure Mr Mojo will get a boost from that... Thanks for your visit and happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Nikki said...

Have fun making Tim's tags and I'm sure they will help you out for me it's going thru something in my stash that helps me along in creating and it's fun to challenge yourself :)
hugs Nikki #24

MvM-design said...

Thanks for the peak on your desk :)
Happy Wednesday!
Hugs Marleen #3

scrappymo! said...

Checked out your link and loved the sleigh! Yu did a great job of it and well done for making it to Tim's Blog.

Ann B said...

Will have to pop over to TH's blog to see your name in lights - congratulations. Thanks for calling by.

Ann B

Twiglet said...

Getting festive on the desks this week!! Well done on getting a mention on Tim's blog. x Jo

Caro said...

Your box is great and I look forward to seeing your completed tags..I haven't even managed to look at the blog yet, but will endeavour to do so soon! Thanks for sharing. Caro #60

JoZart Designs said...

Now you really look and sound like you are on top of things. Well done getting on TH!
thanks for popping in to me!
Jo x

Redanne said...

Well done on the shout out from Tim and just love how you made that sleigh, it's amazing! Thank you too for your visit earlier. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #49

Neet said...

WEll, hearty congrats on the mention on Sir Tim's blog.
Good luck with messing your desk up - lovely to see someone with such a tidy one.
Hugs, Neet 46 xx

BJ said...

Which Tim's blog - Where? I can't find you nor your real name - HELP! Having a bad day, just managing to keep my head above water. Thanks for visiting me BJ#47

Stop Press spotted your name in a webaddress then found your mention a #13 - Phew. Super sleigh, I love using dies creatively and this is wonderful.

Did you get your tags done today? I have done another journal page (Advent 2) but not much else as feel wretched.

Thanks again for visiting me. BJ#47

Eliza said...

still catching uo from last week and noticed your former post with art journalling, I do have to say I love it, splendid creation and so festive too.

Yep no sunshine for you in your country, maybe snow...... we are in for a stinker tomorrow and saturday here in


KatzElbows said...

Your wrapped parcels look pretty creative to me. Gift wrapping should never be underestimated!

Thank you for visiting and not joining in the chorus agreeing that I'm crazy. I know I am, I don't need people to confirm it!

cheers, rachel #50

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I wasn't going to join in this week either, but in the end, withdrawal symptom go the better of me. Your desk looks lot of fun, much mor interesting than mine. Mind you, I did manage to complete a card this afternoon, so there is some progress, and I ordered a couple of pressies. I haven't found the foiling kit, but I did find the missing roll of bin bags. Hope you get everything done in time. xx Maggie

Claire said...

what a gloriously busy desk! those parcels look soooo festive :)
thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)
Have a great WOYWW!
no. 8

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lots of things to nosy at on your desk today - congrats on getting the mention! I'd be chuffed too if that happened to me :)
Hugs, LLJ #30 xx

House of Bears said...

That's a nice busy workspace. Well done on your mention from the esteemed R Holtz.

Thanks for visiting the bears this week

Darnell said...

Congratulations on the mention in Tim's blog - that should make high with mojo!! Thanks for coming by to visit me earlier. I hope you have a great, and productive, week!! Darnell #58

Jackie said...

A very tidy desk I think you have placed lots on here but in an organised way well done on a mention on Tims blog!!!
Jackie 31

Anonymous said...

Well done for getting a mention on T's Blog. I spy a Tin of Chocolate/biscuits!!!???
Love your 'desk'
Silvia #41

Lucy said...

Oooh - presents! Your desk looks very creative. Thanks for stopping by and keep up the great work:) Lucy #18 x

Erika said...

Congratulations on the mention on Tims blog and thanks for the visit, loving your crafty much space!
Have a super weekend and happy crafting, hugs Erika.

Karen said...

Love all those punches on your workdesk - what a lovely selection! Hoping to see more of your returned mojo soon. Karen 72 x

Annie said...

It looks like you move around chairs depending on what you are doing :-)
A x #42

Shoshi said...

Lovely busy, productive desk there. Hope you have fun with Tim's stuff. thanks for your visit - my desk was only tidy because I was more or less between things and had had a tidy up, but the table beside it is a different story - we won't go there!!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #55

Daniella said...

I just want to jump right into your work space!! Such inspiration I see there!! And loads of fun with paper!!
Congrats on the mention on TH's blog!!!

lisa said...

Wow, congrats on getting a mention by the big man himself, how wonderful. No wonder you are chuffed!!
I hope your mojo has come home with his tail between his legs by now, it's not funny when he disappears when you want to be creative.
Thanks for visiting me already and Happy WOYWW
Hugs Lisax #56

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the mention on Tim's blog, I bet you're still on cloud 9 today! Desk is looking very busy and Christmassy too.

Brenda 79

Morag Cutts said...

WOO HOO! WTG on the toot!

Sue from Oregon said...

I think busy little elves are scurrying around your desk!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me and you seem to have a bit going on despite your lack of mojo. Congratulations for getting a mention on TH's blog. Don't do tags myself but may have a go next year for a change.
xxTricia #66

Cardarian said...

I am sorry for being so late - I always seem to be catching up! Your desk seems very interesting - love the punches!
Tomorrow we are woywwing again soo I will be back soon!