Friday, 20 July 2012

More holding of THE Torch!

Went to my son's sports day today and a torch bearer turned up!

Chaps name is Paul (didn't catch his surname) with my two very pleased children (I think they were a bit envious that I got to hold THE torch the other week and they didn't!).  My eldest son is extra pleased as he is House Captain for the Chestnuts and they won this year so he also got to hold the School Cup!  what a lovely end to his four years at this school.  I don't have any photos yet as I was at the little son's school picking him up but lots of Mum's all rushed in and took some pictures for me (they all know I am a scrapbooker) so bless you all and hugs all round!

I now have 9 of us signed up for the Great British Blog Hop but there is still room for more so if you want to join in click on the picture to the right and it will take you to the right post - I will get in touch with you all and post the schedule here next Thursday.

Can I just say big hello to my three new followers Mindy, Deb and Annie thank you so much for joining me!
Thanks for looking - Travellin Light from Solihull (that ones for you Jackie!)


Jackie xxx said...

LOL x great title if I do say so myself.

great photo of your boys, and what an end to the school year.

You better watch you Mum & Dad fireplace now - sure you will be relegated to the sidelines :-)


Missus Wookie said...

yeah :)