Friday, 27 July 2012

Stop the Press

My baby is on the front page of the local paper!

He is the one kneeling at the front!  The photo was taken on 3rd July when Ben Smolden came into his school with the torch (yes when I managed to get a hold of it!) and Benjamin was chosen to be in the newspaper picture with him.  So for the past two weeks we have rushed to the front door in excitement to look through the two free papers we have delivered to no avail.  So I actually thought he wouldn't be in it now as it was so long ago but yesterday imagine my delight when there he was smiling up at me from the doormat!  To make it even it more special the paper was printed on 26th July which would have been my Nan's 90th birthday.  One for the scrapbook I think!

Anyway you can tell it's the holidays as yesterday I managed a couple of hours on the xbox with the children, cleaned out kitchen cupboards, steam cleaned the microwave, sorted out old school uniforms, tidied up the pile of junk that had accumulated in our bedroom, put two loads of washing on the washing line and scrubbed the kitchen.  Worn out now!

A big hello to my newest follower Angela - nice to see you.

Thanks for looking - Off to buy big school uniforms from Solihull, Gulp.


Angela said...

Thank you for welcome. I managed to get into our Leicester Mercury last week - but in a crowd of 120 others, so you need a magnifiying glass [but I AM next but one to the Lord Lieutenant!]

Do keep that cutting safe for when your babe is grown up!

blessings xx

Susan Flynn said...

Wow you must be thrilled! Sounds like you are very busy, hope you find some crafty time!! x

Fishcake_random said...

Ohhhh, he will be signing autographs in no time :)

Samantha Elliott said...

Great picture Nicola and definately one for the scrapbook. Maybe order a copy of the original picture from the paper and tuck the page in somewhere as it probably wont be acid free!

Jak said...

Wow! Im out of breath just reading everything youve achieved! well done.

Love pic of your littlie, definitley a proud mummy moment x

Jackie xxx said...

Yah !!!! get your son. This is defo one to frame.