Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quick Teachers gifts

Only two more days left and then the children break up for just over 5 weeks - whoo hoo - although I must say it has been very busy both here and at both of my childrens schools these past two weeks.  We are all shattered and are just looking forward to have some time to slow down (well I am anyway!).  This three day week is consisting of two leaving discos, two leaving dinners, a dress down day, a sports day, a waterfight and a t-shirt signing session - a lot quieter than last week eh! oh and autograph book signing (hand made book of course!).

Anyway in amongst all the shennanigans I have been busy sewing, not only have I finished my halloween quilt and made a table topper for a blog hop I am in (can't show either of these just yet) but I have started preparing some workshops for September/October - I have been having lots of fun with texture pastes and art parts with these!  More importantly I have been able to put together two very quick and cheap gifts (I just used scraps of material in my stash pile so they didn't really cost me anything) - I have made each of my childrens teachers a mug rug (honestly who thinks up these names??):

They are a bit bigger than a normal mug rug (is there such a thing?) I think but I wanted to keep most of the patterns in place. DS2's teacher adores Dr Seuss and fell in love my quilt that I took in to show her which is what gave me the idea of mug rugs in the first place - there are two here because obviously I need one!  The top one is for DS1's teacher - I am not sure what she likes so I thought a London theme during 2012 was a good option! I have also cut out another six of these (all different patterns) for use at my dinner table and round about the house but I just need to sew them up before I show them.

For those of you joining in with my blog hop (we are up to 13 now - how exciting!) I will sort out the schedule tomorrow and post it up on Thursday - if anyone else would like to join us then click here to go to the post - sign ups will close tomorrow.

Also I would just like to say a big hello to Mrs Regan - thanks for following me :)

Thanks for looking - Need chocolate from Solihull


Buttons said...

Oh boy have you been busy (in so many ways!) Love those mug rugs - clever idea there. Hang on in there and tomorrow hopefully life can go at a slightly slower pace? Hugs, Buttons x

Bernice Hopper said...

Looks like you may be lying down in a darkened room on Thursday after all that excitement.

Samantha Elliott said...

Lovely rugs there Nicola. Your kiddies are late breaking up from school - lucky you I suppose! LOL! I hope you find some time to quilt/scrapbook Honey. We all need some "me" time!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh that Dr Suess one is lovely - bet she was happy. Not surprised you needed one too :)