Thursday, 22 July 2010

They are all done!

Phew - teachers gifts all done now!  despite all the attempts at the ribbons (have used about five different ones so far which is why these boxes weren't completed on Monday which was my plan) and also Morag very kindly picked me up 10 metres of brown ribbon from Birmingham on Tuesday too but in the end I did revert to inking up some white ribbon for each box in the middle shade of distress ink I used (you know me - always do three!) - anyway here they are:

These are the tops of the boxes, the one on the left is for Mrs Hopkins who is DS2's teaching assistant, the middle one is for Mr Chamberlain who is DS1's teacher - yes thats right the pink one is for the bloke! but its his favourite colour so I just had to really (he is also the art teacher - trust me to have to make something for someone who has a degree in Art!) and the green one with the birdie on is for Miss Wood who is DS2's teacher.

These are the fronts of the boxes, and

these are the backs.  The sides either have fairies or bullrushes on them.  Each box then contains a box of teabags and some biscuits (I know Mr C will be impressed by this!).

I have lost all inspiration for their cards so I have just made these quick ones to match the boxes - it was all I could think of!

I know you are all thinking that they arent finished as they have no wording on the fronts but I dont know whether to put "To My Teacher" or "Thank You" on them so I am waiting for the children to come back from my Mom and Dads to ask what they want on them, and then I will probably use my lovely new dymo to write it out!

Anyway thats it for now because if you noticed I said "children to come back from my Mom and Dads" because, yippee, they are picking them up from school for me this afternoon so I have a. no school run and b. approximately 3 more hours of playing!  whoo hoo

Thanks for looking :)


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Fab boxes and the ribbon looks perfect.


Julia Dunnit said...

Well done - they are fab. As it's saturday now, I'mbetting you already know how pleased the teachers were too! They're lovely.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh these look nice - hope the teachers all enjoyed their cuppas :)