Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Sorry I am late posting this - I didn't schedule anything for the big day and obviously have been a bit busy the past two days (to say my 7 year old has been excitable is an understatement!).

Here he is with our tree - as you can see I have finished the decorations (the children did all the rest which is why they are all precariously hanging off the edges and most are back to front!) with some of my T!m tags and lot of lovely handmade pinecones!

Here are a few of the cards I made:


Jayne's (who loves purple!)

My parents - my OH parents had the same card but with Mum and Dad instead

OH's sister and brother in law card

Card for my Nan

and here is my favourite present:

a little R2D2 tin full of little tiny R2D2 mints! how cute is that - thought he would look nice talking to my table decoration snowman - and look 2 days on and there are still chocolates in there! (don't think the children have realised yet!!!!).

Thanks for looking everyone - overfed from Solihull.


Sam said...

Santa's pants are very blue!! LOL!! I bought my Santa's washing line as a pattern on one of my trips to NEC Quilt Show. I have since made 2 more for my sister and nephew. I love it as it is so different! The joke is that there always seems to be washing around drying so it may as well be Santa's!! Expect to see Lunch Lady Jan showing off her washing!! LOL!!

Missus Wookie said...

love the R2D2 tin - we have enough Star Wars bits here... and some chocolates that at least DS won't eat - Marmite Chocolate!